Ex Testing and Certification


Ex Testing and Certification Pty Ltd is Australia's most successful Ex testing laboratory and certification body.

Our focus: to enable your product to be available to your customers with a complete and correct test report, audit and certification.

We are an impartial, independent and expert laboratory and certifying body in the field of explosion protected equipment, and have been accepted by NATA, IECEx, ANZEx, JASANZ after their rigorous examination of our services. 

Ex Testing and Certification took over all Ex services delivered earlier by TUV Rheinland Australia, hence providing a seamless transition for the earlier TUV  certificate holders, with all existing certificates being maintained. 

We are located at Tomago, New South Wales, Australia.



About the acquisition

In January 2017, TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd sold its testing business and facility to Ex Testing and Certification Pty Ltd (ExT&C). For further information please contact Ajay Maira (formerly TUV Rheinland Australia) using the contact form .

Ensure Compliance with the IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX Directive

If you manufacture or sell equipment or protective systems for potentially explosive atmospheres (such as coal mining, petrochemical processing, fuel dispensing),  your products need to conform to a relevant explosive area certification schemes, such as IECEx, ANZEx for International and Australian installations, or ATEX (ATmospheres EXplosibles) directive for Europe and several other countries.

When you choose Ex Testing & Certification, you are dealing with Australia's only truly independent, impartial and privately owned Test Lab (ExTL) and Certifying Body (ExCB). We have the strictest controls on the confidentiality of your intellectual property.

The IECEx reports and certificates we provide open a pathway for acceptance in many countries that participate in the IECEx system, including Australia. We also offer ANZEx reports and certificates. We can also arrange ATEX certification with our partner laboratories and certifying bodies internationally. 

Our features:

  • Compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, ensuring employee and facility safety for the specific requirements in explosive atmospheres

  • Full product safety compliance and certification prior to product placement

  • Dramatically reduced approval times and costs by using harmonised standards and test protocols

  • Highly experienced explosion protection experts, with recognition internationally

  • Impartial, independent, and confidential

ExT&C (formerly TUV Rheinland Australia) have been in this highly specialised field for more than 20 years.

The standards, schemes and directives we test and certify to

IECEx: The objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. Ex Testing and Certification is an Accredited Certification Body (ExCB) and Ex Testing Laboratory (ExTL) under the IECEx system, approved to do test and certification of equipment including flameproof (Ex d), intrinsic safety (Ex i) and many others. In addition Ex Testing and Certification can issue QAR’s (Manufacturer’s Quality Audit Reports), including for production and repair or overhaul (Service facilities). 

ANZEx: This is the Australian equivalent to the IECEx system, commonly referred to as the ANZEx Scheme. The ANZEx Scheme rules and procedures for the equipment certification program are defined in Australian Standards Publication MP87-1. This includes product type testing as well as the associated auditing of manufacturers’ production capabilities according to the requirements of MP87.

ATEX: The scope of the ATEX directive includes safety devices, controlling devices, and regulating devices, as well as equipment intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres, but required for or contributing to the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems. Ex Testing and Certification can provide ATEX certification via TUV Rheinland Germany (Notified Body under ATEX).

Key Personnel


Ajay Maira – Certification Manager

More than 21 years experience in design evaluation and testing of electrical and electronic equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

  • Chair of the Australian Committee for Explosion Protection of Electrical Equipment – Intrinsic Safety

  • Holder of the IEC 1906 award for contribution to IEC Standards development in the field of explosion protection

  • Presently IECEx auditor for technical evaluation of new and current IECEx laboratories and certifying bodies world wide. List of audited laboratories include PTB Germany, BVS Germany, KOSHA Korea, NEPSI China, CQST China, PCEC China, SP Sweden, and many more

  • Completed more than 400 compliance assessment reports for explosion protection

  • Presently practicing as testing, assessment and certifying expert

  • Auditor and travels to various manufacturers world wide to conduct audits and offer his knowledge for development of Ex expertise

James Bes

James Bes – Laboratory Manager

Over 25 years experience in design evaluation and testing of electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

  • Manages the complete testing functions at ExT&C facility, including training new staff

  • Has designed and developed flameproof testing in a new flameproof test vessel with pressurisation of the gas mixture for higher safety factors - a unique facility amongst all testing laboratories in Australia

  • Expert in testing pressurised enclosures, motors, high current testing, plugs and sockets

  • Develops new test methods and test equipment with data capture and transmission for greater safety and remote operation

  • Auditor of Ex manufacturing plants to IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX systems


David Price - Testing and Certification Engineer

Over 10 years experience in industrial plant design manufacture and 4 years in testing, assessment and certification of equipment intended for use in hazardous gas and dust environments. 

  • Expert for products complying with non-Electrical standards relating to ISO 80079-36.

  • Expert for Flameproof (Ex d) and Increased safety (Ex e) testing and assessment.

  • Expert in Protection by Enclosure (Ex t) and Non-Sparking (Ex n) testing and assessment.

  • Expert in testing of cable glands, plugs, sockets, couplers to AS/NZS 1299 and AS/NZS 1300

  • Hands-on testing expert in flameproof, ingress protection, intrinsic safety spark testing, battery testing, field temperature rise testing

  • Auditor of Ex manufacturing plants to IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX systems


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